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Welcome to PAYWAND, the portal of MAIL's Knowledge Management Facility; the largest and most important repository of agriculture information in Afghanistan.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, with support from USAID's Agricultural Credit Enhancement Program created a central database of agricultural knowledge, which includes market and trade data, meteorological reports, and studies produced by a variety of organizations.  This website is one of several media through which this knowledge is being made available to agribusiness entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, and development practitioners. We invite you to use this site and help us transform knowledge into actions that will support the growth of Afghan agriculture.

About Paywand

The Agriculture Knowledge Management Facility PAYWAND is a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and the Agricultural Credit Enhancement (ACE) Program. PAYWAND integrates and archives existing agricultural data into reliable and applicable products, making them accessible to a wide range of actors involved in the agriculture sector, supporting the soundness of agribusiness decisions.

Paywand Website is our virtual presence on the Internet. It constitutes the home for all agriculture market information available in Afghanistan, making it widely accessible in three languages: English, Dari and Pashtu.

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Prices Time Series. Selective price information!

Prices of commodities in markets within and outside Afghanistan integrated in a single database, browsable by commodity, market and period.

Trade Flows Time Series. For those who want to dig further!

Imports and exports of agricultural products retrievable through customized queries with selection of trade direction, period, time frequency, Harmonized System Code (HSC), partner country and currency.

Secondary Source Data

Agriculture related studies searchable based on specific criteria such as commodity, report type, source and year of publication.

Meteorological Data Time Series

Data on weather and crop conditions available through customized queries, with selection of frequency and period of time, province and station, weather feature and specific crop.

Geo-referenced Agricultural Data

Maps by commodity, province, village or landmark .

Paywand Products. Use our knowledge!

Paywand capitalizes on existing agriculture market information such as price, production, trade flows and other data to produce user friendly briefs and studies. These are available through the Ministry of Agriculture and Paywand website.

Commodity Price Trends

Trade Flow Statistics